ChicagoLand Gospel Making Money Making Music Seminar 6/28/08

  • Posted on: 29 June 2008
  • By: charliecheney

I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to be involved with a great seminar yesterday in southwest Chicago put on by the energetic and gracious Tracy Worth at the Grand Prairie Public Library. A great list of speakers and a packed room! I was really impressed by the whole event, especially the audience turnout. Tracy did a great job putting this event together.

There were four local area speakers and then I finished up the seminar. Mark Thayme from Chicago Recording Studio started off the event with a quickie overview of Engineering in the studio process. Felton Offard from Chicago State University followed with a session on songwriting, copyright, and publishing. Michael Witherspoon was next with his insightful perspective on Producing, running a label, the roles of a producer and label in today's changing market, and the importance of gigging gigging gigging. Next up was probably the most entertaining speaker of the day, (fantastic comedic delivery, the audience was roaring) Marc Taylor from Groovequest Productions who spoke about the industry from a Hip Hop perspective. They were all great guys, and the questions from the audience showed that audience was "getting it" and actively involved in each session. My session on booking and promotion went really well too with lots of positive response and interaction. At the end Michael and Felton both asked me to come speak again for their artists and students. A great great day. Tracy jumped up between each speaker to make introductions and added some great insights too on how success can mean different things to different people. She was the glue for the whole event, a wonderful host, inspiration, and motivator... I was so impressed by the whole event. Congratulations all around, especially for Tracy.

Tracy Worth
L3 Project Website
Felton Offard
Marc Taylor
Michael Witherspoon
Mark Thayme (no web site available, sorry)

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